Ex-X-Man: Wolverine Joins The Bad Guys


Marvel has announced that Paul Cornell and Ryan Stegman will relaunch Wolverine after the current arc, "Killable" wraps up and it seems Logan's just wants to take it easy and slow things down a bit... by joining a group of villains?

Cornell says:
  • The first arc is called “Payback,” and that’s where we find him: working for a crime boss called The Offer, alongside a “family” of low-rent super villains. Following the end of “Killable,” he’s decided to simplify his life and drop his responsibilities.
  • He's now carrying a pair of handguns, and fighting hand-to-hand in a different way. He will indeed be using the claws less frequently.
  • The Offer is a minor super villain gang boss who has the power to make the best possible offer. It's not hypnotism; you're free to turn him down. But his offers tend to make people think twice. He's a caring, fatherly presence to his gang, but he's not really a good man.
  • His gang includes Pinch, who Logan is in a relationship with, who can pull threads from any material; Fuel, who increases powers, and thus can make Logan move at high speed; and the Lost Boy, who can make anything ignite, and who has a complicated attitude towards what heroism and villainy might be. Logan worries about him.
  • I don't think we should be afraid of liking The Offer, Pinch, Fuel, Marcy and the Lost Boy, Logan's teammates now that he's a minor-league super villain. This series is going to look into what it means to be a "villain" and how those guys think of themselves. Logan finds a real comradeship there, and a release—and a relationship.
He dodges the lingering question of Logan's mortality/healing factor, but all signs are pointing to that being out of play for a while.

This whole idea implies, of course, that Mr. Muttonchops will be out of The X-Teams and Avengers. (If he's still in those books, on those teams, I'm gonna start breaking things.)

So kids, what do you think of this WWE style, "Hero Turns Bad" idea?

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