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All Shirts Available At Ragshirt.com
WICKED THEORY t-shirts available @ www.ragshirt.com
In an effort to drum up some funding for the next phase of WT, I'm looking to you guys to maybe show some support and get a cool shirt in exchange. All these designs shown are %100 percent created by ME, and are exclusive to Ragshirt (other non-exclusive images also available). The color of any shirt can be changed! Since no one buys my shirts - if you did, you'd be be almost guaranteed to have a cool design no one else in your immediate are will have! I'm not looking to get rich of these and I've kept the prices as low as I can - I only make a few dollars from each.

It's a way for you to show your support of what I'm doing on the web and help  me recoup some of the costs of the next chapter of Wicked Theory's existence.

What is that you ask? What's next? 

A weekly, geekly, toungue in cheekly Podcast.

It's not expensive to do but it ain't free either.

Look for more on that very soon as well as regular articles here... more regularly.

As always I'm much more active on Facebook and Tumblr and those links are in the column on the right! Check 'em out, be sure to Like and Follow!

-Bill Sweeney

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