The Wicked Theory Podcast is here! Three Episodes Of Nerdness!

The Wicked Theory Podcast has landed! And to kick of the launch I'm dropping 3 episodes! Don't gimmie that look! Yes, it leans to the geek, but hey, who's not watching Game Of Thrones, right? All I do is talk about this stuff all the time with my friends and co-workers, now I've put a mic to it. Scary right? And, hey, we've got Brother Bob on guitar, how's that sound?

Each week, my co-host Dom and I are going to discuss and dissect the entertainment that entertains us, in hopes you will be entertained as well. TV, Movies, Comics, and guests and games and ways for listeners to get involved and more. We're keeping it fun and we hope you have at least at little fun listening. Not too much though, we don't want you to get hurt.

I'll apologize now, the audio does get better.
Won't lie, sorry, but I curse a lot, so: NSFW WARNING.

Below. there are three episodes waiting for you:
In Ep1 we burn through a bunch of geek stuff we've been itching to talk about and give a big recommendation!
Ep 2 we blast through thoughts on comic book movies, past, present, and coming.
Ep 3 is kind of our first real one as we bring in our buddy Brian and talk about Game Of Thrones!

Show page on Libsyn is here or here.

Thanks for listening!

Send email to the show: Podcast@WickedTheory.com

Disclaimer: The WTPC is an ongoing experiment and it ain't perfect… but... we're getting better… I think.

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