WTPC Ep.13 - Dom And GRRM 4eva

Thanks for listening! This is Ep. 13! Spooky!

Lets' run it down:

Dom got to meet George R.R. Martin creator of Game Of Thrones! He tells us about it!

Then we beg YOU for email!

In news:
Flash Castings and a little theorizing!
 Fantastic Four turns out to be a Fantastic Bore!
Bloom County is back!
Which looks better so far, Deadpool or Batman v Superman?
We say g'bye to Jon Stewart!

Then we discuss the new trend of The "Sequel Series" - Prison Break, X-Files, 24, Heroes Reborn are all coming back?!

 And of course, other assorted nonsense sprinkled throughout!

Lets us know what you think!

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