New Listener? Here's how to win $50 at Amazon!

Yes, we'll bribe you to listen.

If you've never listened to our nerdy show (or if you have, but just want to torture yourself by re-listening) this giveaway might be perfect for you.

In episode 11 of The Wicked Theory Podcast I revealed that in the previous 10 episodes, I had not-so secretly hidden a number somewhere in the last third of each one. Here's 5 E-Z STEPS how to get $50 bucks at Amazon:
  1. Listen to eoisodes 1-10 of WTPC, get all those numbers!
  2. Put them in an email, in order they were revealed....
  3. Then share us! Post up a link to our podcast on one of your social media profiles (Bookface, Instantgrams, wherever) to help us spread the word about our show. You can say whatever you like, "I found the NUMBERS!" or "Don't listen to this show!" totally your choice. (You can use this link: http://bit.ly/WKDTHRY
  4. Next, put a link to YOUR POST in the email too, so we can see what a dedicated fan you are.
  5. Be the first to send those numbers and a link to your post to Podcast@wickedtheory.com!
It's just that simple.

Whomsoever sends that to us first will get a beefy big ol' shout out on the show and voucher code by email, worth $50 bucks at Amazon! If this post is still up - the contest is still open! I'll take this post down when a winning email comes in and make an announcement post even if it happens between show recordings.

Thanks for listening!

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