Ep.27 - Boldly Going Where We've Been Before

Bill, Bob and Ed this week as Dom disappears on an adventure! Let's see how Ed holds up! Here' the rundown, now with time stamps!

Official biz: Preacher stuff (12:05), 50th episode thoughts (15:18)!

Then E-Mail (20:13): Forgive Tommy Lee for Two-Face (21:04), Carmen San Diego (25:12), goofy TV Super Villains (25:50), Peanuts Character resemblance (34:00) Ed's accent (36:40)

Then a Walking Dead text from Ed leads into TWD casting and other news (39:30): Star Trek Boldly Wandering (50:45), Star Wars Starkiller (56:20), Pornhub suffered geek loss (1:00:11), Snowpiercer TV (1:03:36), Outsiders coming to WGN (1:08:46), Hasslehoff removes the Hassle (1:14:00), Gambit finds director (1:16:40) Suicide Squad PG-13 (1:21:00), Van Helsing TV (1:23:08)
TV Talk- Flash(1:32:34) And then some random stuff.

Check out this episode!

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