Ep.28 - Jessica Jones and More-Mento

I've heard that of the many things that are consistent to all podcasts, there are two you learn right away. A) That family and friends aren't going to listen as much as you think and B) that evil podgoblins will spontaneously eat your episode. That for decernable reason you will just lose episodes, and it will happen differently each time. Don't try to find a pattern. So for WTP, this is, I think, the third time such unstoppable evil has struck us. Lucky for you and the rest of the world, we were able to reconviene the next day and try again. While you will never hear the medicrity of that first attempt, rejoice because that means the re-do is 100x better.

EMAIL (5:00):
As usual when we have him on, Ed reads his own mail: Fictitious Armies Draft, Dan Akroyd, Wrestling Entrance Music, Gosling/ Blade Runner, Pffft Remakes (13:00) and Unrealistic James Bond Gadgets (14:55)! Then Stef from Gotham Lights Podcast sends a message (20:10), and finally we wrap the segment with something sent in from Agent Palmer: Favorite Fictional Sports (25:39)

COMICS TALK (32:52):
We're going to try and cover comics mre regularly even if it only a few tittles a week, so this time we talk a bit about Mark Millar's Huck, Last Sons Of America, and the Oni Press 2016 Starter Pack (39:24)!

NERDY NEWS (43:55):
We start with news about Memento leads to talk about other pointless remakes, Frank Miller and Dark Knight III (54:15), new Wonder Woman pic (1:02:34), more Riddick (1:05:50), AMC oopsed TWD (1:07:57), Constantine fans still have hope (1:10:40),
TV TALK: The Executed Bastard (1:15:13), The Flash (1:26:58), Walking Dead predictions (1:39:17)

And of course Jessica Jones came to Netflix, we have a Semi-spoiler free-ISH chat about the show up to episode 5 (1:40:00), we'll cover it again once the whole group has seen it!

Thanks for listening peeps! See ya next week!

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