Ep.43 From Anthrax To Wolverine

Once again Bill, Dom and Bob are here to regurgitate the pop/geek culture nonsense they've digested in the last week and serve it up in segments!

MEANWHILE: Dom's already got his Batman V Superman tickets, Bill gets a text from Babyface @ComicBookJones, we remind people about Preacher Vs Preacher, Bob gives a quick review of the new Anthrax and Megadeath albums, Foo Fighters broke up(?)

EMAIL (19:56): Iron Man Talk Show, Skin Cancer in the Zombie Apocalypse, Green Lantern in Film vs TV, Timberlake as a Superhero, Wrestlers back stories, reliving a story or movie turns in grossness, top metal bands, Chaos Theory defined, and then an email from new listeners, Irena and Steve, who hit us with a bunch of great "get to know us" type questions!

NERDLY NEWS (1:03:05): Joss is doing a Captain America comic, George Washington 300, is Stallone papa Groot, Sandman adaption development, Venom lives again, Assassins Creed 2, Men In Black & 23 Jump Street, Idris and McConaughey in Stephen King's Dark Tower.

REBOOT REPORT (1:24:05): Legends Of The Hidden Temple, Tomb Raider, Red Sonja via Bryan Singer, Star Trek team is forming, Death Wish with Bruce Willis

TOPIC: Who can replace Jackman as Wolverine? (1:38:30) But it kinda gets interrupted by breaking news about Levitt leaving Sandman and the comic Postal gets a TV deal. The topic really starts at 1:43:50 as we give our own suggestions for a new Wolverine actor!

Thanks for listening, you'll always be a unique and special snow flake to us!

Thanks For Listening!

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