Ep.45 Indiana Jones And The Abandoned Dignity

This week the team gets wordy about all things nerdy.... as usual:

EMAIL (11:00): Abs Tatum, Spidey Got Talent, Ben-Hur redo, Ripley v Michelle, Scottish Comics Creators, Lazy Rivers, hits to the jewels, Girl scout cookises and MORE!

MEANWHILE (48:20) Bill & Ed saw 10 C;overfilled Lane and Bob's been playing Rocksmith!

NEWS (59:30): Moon Knight has a new comic coming, Pee Wee Portrays Penguin's Papa, Spidey/Civil War, Screening Room an upcoming movies at home serviceand then Bill goes on for a bit about The Worst Idea Of The Week, or as you would know it: "Indiana Jones 5"

LASTLY: The boys talk a bit about Daredevil Season 2 without getting too spoilery.

Thanks For Listening!

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