Ep.49 - Clean Slate

Too much stuff this week:

EMAIL (5:50) Fave local diners (8:00), do we do Church (9:34), Gym Class Zeroes (12:50), Arrow (14:50), Super Villain Diaries (17:39), Fave Kung Fu Flicks (20:05), Drunk Stories (21:55), Negan/TWD finale look back (29:00) Podcast brackets (30:00) House depth (33:45), square donuts (36:23) Clean Slate Conundrum (40:21) Metro-whats (41:51)! The ED-MAIL starts (at 43:10) with Harrison Stoned and #StarWarsStrains (play along on twitter!), The Blacklist (46:30), DC Rebirth (47:30) John Larroquette (49:00)

MEANWHILE: Ed saw Midnight Special (51:49), then it's the return of...

THE MARKHAM MOVIE COLLECTION (54:08) Fearing the films Angel A, The 13th Floor, Ravenous, Deja Vu, Hard Candy and The Jacket. ALSO we dole out DVDs for the final round of TMMC a… uh… BTS "secrets revealed" type thing.

NEWS (1:27:40): Dr. Strange trailer, Star Trek TV series, Spider-Man Homecoming, Tatum in Kingsman sequel, 4 more Avatar, Comic-con streaming Hall H, Loch Ness, Scooby Universe, The Mist and It, and Tales Of M. Night.

Thanks For Listening!

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