Ep. 123 - BIG NEWS, Sad Losses, and "MOTHER!"

Big news this week about the DC TV Report, and the Absolute PVP Contest! Plus, Ed visited Our Liner Notes and Uncle Jay finally crashed the Gotham Lights Podcast.

CHATGAME for this week is #Movie Parmigiana ex: Attack of the Killer Tomato Sauce!

In news we talk about the losses of Frank Vincent & Harry Dean Stanton, JJ Abrams returns for “Star Wars IX,” Matthew Vaughn confirms “Man of Steel 2” talks, an intriguing “Halloween” reboot confirmed, and Tim Miller will direct “Terminator 6” with heavy Cameron involvement.

Meanwhile we discuss and review The Orville, American Assassin, The Lawnmower Man Collector's Edition, and "Newark Talk" about Mother!

Ed’s OLN - http://ourlinernotes.libsyn.com/episode-66-would-an-ed-by-any-other-name-not-sound-as-sweet

Bill’s OLN - http://ourlinernotes.libsyn.com/episode-64-more-wicked-in-reality-than-in-theory

Uncle Jay’s Gotham - http://gothamlights.libsyn.com/episode-071-uncle-jay-boy

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