DC TV Report for 10/7/2017

Ed and Sara have twice the number of shows to cover on the DC TV Report this week with the premiere of Lucifer (3:22), in which our favorite devil deals with an unwanted set of wings and a new potential nemesis (Tom Welling, all grown up and with zero Clark Kent whininess). Meanwhile, a fun Gotham episode (22:08) features a bratty billionaire, a slinky new Falcone family member, and a new Misery-able situation for Nygma. As always, the Wonder Twins cover the news about Big Belly Burger (46:41), Supergirl (47:39), Flash (51:05), Legends of Tomorrow (56:46), Arrow (59:08), Black Lightning (1:08:09), Titans (1:10:24), and a rumor about a vainglorious, valorous vexation that may be coming to British TV (1:18:28). Ed also offers up an unconvential winner of the week (1:25:07).

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