WTP 141 - Awaiting The Break And The Pause

This week we have Bill's original buddy Jay joining us from Bill's past!

Ed speeds through the Official Business because Bill's voice is on vacation and everyone seems to make Ed uncomfortable...

Then, since there's a first timer visiting, we dust off the guest quiz which turns into a conversation about comics, YES comics!

In the news; A new Crocodile Dundee, a new Sword in the Stone, Cloak & Dagger has a premier date and a teaser, Indiana Jones 5 is still a thing, the return of Superman’s underoos, and Creed 2 finds its Drago.

Along the way, New Jay takes us down a path Bill has been on since episode 3: where is our new Quantum Leap?

CHATGAME for the week:  #CelebrityProducts

In the “Meanwhile” section: Black Lightning, tangential live-action DC Talk, “In the Fade,” “Electric Dreams,” Black Mirror and “The Wall”!.

Email discussions include Cheesecake, desserts, and personal catchphrases!

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