DC TV Report for week ending 1/27/2018

All is forgiven, The Flash! Ralph Dibney came into his own this week, and Ed and Sara can’t wait to tell you how much they loved it. Also, Felicity and Oliver are extra married, Black Lightning strikes twice, Pierce spills his secrets, Supergirl embraces lady power, and, oh yeah, the Wonder Twins both dig Star Trek and The Orville. Spoilers ahead, so jump over the ones you don’t wanna know about:

Lucifer — 10:58

Supergirl — 20:53

The Flash — 32:02

Black Lightning — 41:52

Arrow — 53:01

Ed and Sara also have news updates for:

DC Legends of Tomorrow, kind of 1:02:00

Gotham – 1:02:48

iZombie – 1:05:34

Krypton – 1:06:04

V for Vendetta, kind of – 1:07:57

And as always, Ed and Sara close with the winner of the week: 1:09:19

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