WTP 142 - Everything Old is New Again

This week it’s the usual crew, Bill, Bob, Ed, and Uncle Jay!

In the news; we start with the Reboot Report! CBS is bringing back Magnum P.I., Cagney & Lacey and Murphy Brown. A challenge is laid down to all listeners: Give Uncle Jay as Magnum P.I. a treatment or Quantum Leap: Wicked Theory Style.

Also, set photos from Marvel’s Captain Marvel, and we dive into the Captain Marvel mythos. And a Robocop “Direct Sequel” is in the works.

CHATGAME for the week:  #LazyActionTV&Movies

In the “Meanwhile” section: Bill watched Waco, The Big Sick, and Cell Block 99. Ed talks about his Oscar Challenge 2018 with the nominations being announced this week… And Uncle Jay got Momentum’s “The Hitcher 2-Disc Special Edition” PAL DVD.

Then it’s the Return Of The Caption “Contest” … Make sure to follow us on FaceBook to get in on the action!

Emails include hot air balloons, playing what game with your favorite actor, Star Trek Discovery,

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