WTP 147 - Half A Show For Henno

This week No Bob, No Jay, No Problem… We Got a Henno! That’s right, Bill and Ed are joined by Henno from Gotham Lights and The Crazy Life podcasts. So since he’s a first timer, he has to take an easy peasy Geek Quiz! How’d he do? How would you do?

Somewhere after that we get into the news; Avengers Infinity War has been moved up, Mark Hamill may be in Guardians of the Galaxy 3, DiCaprio and Pitt will join Tarantino Once Upon A Time in Hollywood, and Brian K Vaughn is writing a Silver Surfer movie.

The chatgame this week: Batman a Movie!

Meanwhile, Bill recommends Final Space and The Push, while Ed has an Oscar Challenge announcement...

Emails! Henno’s co-host Stef says “hi,” Benny wants to know how we feel about Ready Player One, and Wes asks what we’d like to experience again for the first time.

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