everybody...HULK OUT!

One of the magical things about Youtube-ing is the places you end up. I started out just checking out some Opie and Anthony and after an hour, low and behold I was watching Hulk Outs.

You know, Hulk Outs.

....sigh... like this:

That was the very first one, and probably the best one ever done one the show. It's moody as hell, and probably the reason the show gave me nightmares as a kid (but I still watched every week). Kenneth Johnson, who produced the show, has a list of them all, but most of range from contrived to out-loud funny. For instance:

89. Being trapped by McGee in a back room, and when he tries to run away, bashing his knee, crashing into a backboard, and doing generally clutzy things culminating with falling down the stairs and crashing into a giant flower pot.

Thank god he never called "customer Srevice":

I never said the show was highbrow.
But then again, compare the orignal above, to artsy-fartsy Ang "my first name is an onomatopoeia" Lee's take from a couple years back:

Sooo, was that claymation?

Well, thank god there is hope for the future....

Lastly, Black Hulk:

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