Let's Watch: Metallica - The Day That Never Comes

Opinions after the vid:

The song:
To me, especially later on when the song starts to hit its solos, it feels... kinda hodge-podge. It dosen't have as much "through-flow" as their older stuff. The pieces are there, you can hear them. The old sound and the newer sound are laid out in chunks. Nu-Metallica meets old Metallica by way of Pro-Tools. It took a few listens for it to warm on me.

The Video:
Well it's EIGHT mins long, so yeah, the "story" is a bit stretched out for a fairly simple concept. Near the end, the internal conflict of the main soldier, while perhaps obvious, doesn't run as deep as intended.

I give it 3.5 out of 5 skulls. As if you care.

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