I'm Watching: FRINGE....

...right now, as i write this.

UPDATE: You can watch too, thanks to HULU.COM, I've pushed my comments down. Enjoy.

23 mins in and I say it looks pretty good. The title card technique(large 3D letters digitally supplanted in the terrain) might put some people off, but I kinda like it. It's different. I like different. I'm sure they'll tone them down in the future.
33 mins in and I start thinking dad should have kept the beard so we don't forget what a whack job he is, but then he reminds us by peeing himself. Nice.
50 mins in: Lets have you take some acid, jab a double pronged electromagnetic doodad into your neck, hook you up to your melting boyfriend, and stick you in a hyperbolic chamber so you two can dance in the dreamscape or something. The show has a really nice look to it, I hope they can keep it up.
75 mins in: we're cookin' up some stuff in da lab kids! We got beakers and Bunsen Burners goin,we got green and blue liquids in vials! We gettin' a serious serious science on!
82 mins: Our first left turn! I didn't see that coming. Not to say it hasn't been done before but it just wasn't telegraphed like these things usually are. SShh, it's back on....OOOOH CAR CASE! Poopy. Last-words-as-your-dying never goes well. What's that? Something cryptic? Gee thanks...

End. preieviews look pretty cool. I'm in.

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