MEANWHILE... (11/27/11)

Kick off your Sunday shoes and dance away the blues, then when your tired, check out this stuff that happened:

•  TWILIGHT: BREAKING DAWN is trying to kill men. Or at least induce siezures.... EW.com

•  THE DARK KNIGHT RISES put out a few pics this week and also dropped some hints as to WHEN this movie takes place in Nolan's Batman timeline... Coming Soon

•  Devin liked the new MUPPETS movie. We didn't see it yet, but plan to. Meanwhile, we totally agree with his opinion that the MUPPETS really belong on TV.....  BadAssDigest

•  Remember the remake of RED DAWN? No? That's because it's been sitting for two years. Better make it three....  DarkHorizons

•  JOHN CARTER OF MARS was a book written before we really knew a lot about Mars. And like any book with notoriety large or small, there's a thick budgeted movie coming. We had the first trailer up on our Facebook wall a while back. Here's some new pics if you want to see what Mars doesn't look like.... SFX

•  THE HUMAN TORCH can not be so easily extinguished. "Death" in comics is basically a pointless gimmic. They always come back. (The Punisher seems to be next, btw) Flame on, Jonny..... EW.com

•  What? Still no hover-boards? Well, there's the future they sold us, and the future we got. Let's compare.... WIRED

•  BOOSTER GOLD, the future Pro-Athelte posing as a superhero in mdern day DC Comics hero, is coming to a TV near you.... AintItCool

•  Childish Gambino on Conan:

•  Lastly: Proof that Video Games are a healthy, positive activity for kids. You just may be too old to realize it....

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