Please Be Calmed...


Just got this over the Tele-Fax from our main factory:

To Dearest Sir and or Mr. Madam Person,
   Superfluous greetings! It is with super-most humbling apologies we are regrett to tell to you, your order, Mediocre Content Package 631-A, has fell behind scheduled.  Please be calmed, your order will be most rushed upon finish. We appreciate your calmed near this matter.

Thomas Michael Cortland
Customer Relations
Shantou City, China

So that means the post we had planned today will be pushed to Monday. I know, I know, hey I'm not happy about it either. It's just the price that's paid when dealing with the overseas Content Production Services.

Whattaya gonna do? Sorry kids.

Meanwhile, you could look at this page right here or watch this video:

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