MEANWHILE.... (12/4/11)

While you were out holiday gift shopping for things that will be thrown in the trash in a few years, this stuff became momentarily relevant...

•  Need gift ideas? Why not keep it simple? Really simple. Wired mag's GeekDad presents The 5 Best Toys of ALL Time, and hell, maybe a SIXTH or more.

•  An AKIRA live-action movie is in the works with casting and story details now finally starting to spill out. Besides the obvious ones - that they plan on transplanting the whole concept straight onto American soil and that white people will have the original Japanese names - it seems like they're trying to stay close to the source material. Kinda/sorta. More on that at... BleedingCool

The NY TIMES tells you all about AKIRA:

The feared American-ized AKIRA:

•  Need a little wit and whimsy for your campsite? Luck for you, Our Friend Peggy spotted these cool tents at FieldCandy.com

•  DEXTER has it's end firmly in sight and you'll need to be watching, because the end starts now.... EW.com

•  Kelly Rippa and Neal Patric Harris Vs Helium's Evil Twin:

•  Nerd love is gross. Too much code work involved.... BadAssDigest

•  Besides, Nerds ruin everything.

•  Is ABC's "Once Upon A time" a ripoff of Vertigo Comic's "FABLES"? Only one opinion really matters.... ComicBookResources

•  Oh, thank god. Dallas is coming back, because, y'know, it's completely necessary. Lets hope Knots Landing is close behind. And Falcon Crest too. What about Heart to Hart?

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