Look Who's Coming To Our House...

I just made this. If you see it anywhere else, they stole it.
By Bill Sweeney

...it's okay, they were invited.

We told you help was on the way, that new voices would be coming to this place and this week it really starts. This is just the first wave so we'd like to take this time to tell you who they are and tease you with what they'll be doing.

If I had more time and energy I'd describe a semi-amusing scenario where they are The W.T.F (Wicked Theory Force or Wicked Task Force) and how they're a special team assembled to report on any and all things pop culture, with each possessing a special skill or blah-bipity-blah, insert more Mission:Impossible concepts here, and oh my god the Soviets have "The List"!

While all of that may be true, I'm not going to do that... even though I basically just did. We're already using that acronym. Instead, nice and simple, here's the "Who, What and When" because you already know that "Where" is "here"...

TangoMega - This man of a million projects is a restless creative machine of thoughts, ideas and opinions. He's a life long Video Gamer with a eye for detail, deep respect for quality and zero qualms about telling you the harsh truth about that Game you're about to drop $70 on. Meet him Thursday.

Lauren White - Born with a beat in her heart that syncopates with the tunes and tones of the world, Lauren was destined to write about music. We are lucky that destiny has brought her here, where she'll help us broaden our music coverage by providing review, critique and commentary on acts new, old, overexposed or unknown. Meet her Wednesday.

Ruthie - As far as we know, Ruthie has never been in prison or escaped from one, but for some reason she has decided to do weekly recaps of JJ Abrams newest Msytery-Island show...
She claims it has to due with her weakness for Sci-Fi and Genre TV. The show starts tonight at 8pm Est. and your homework is to watch it, then come here tomorrow and see what she thought. Then come back every Tuesday for the rest of you life. Here's the series promo from Fox:

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