MEANWHILE.... (1/15/12)

By Bill Sweeney

While you were trying to reverse engineer the Egg McMuffin, the world kept on keepin' on and we found these videos and news-bits scattered across the interhubs. People really have to learn to clean up around here...

3 x Official Buissiness: 1) The other day we foretold our own future, part of that starts Tuesday - Want a  HINT?  2)We also heard from our Philly WTF Campaign stop.  3) And it seems one of our new contributors my have broken their own mind, and the time-space continuum, working on a piece for us:

More to come on that, now on with the show: 

Game Of Thrones and The Killing both return APRIL 1st! Tell the kids and warm up the DVR - Sunday night TV is getting crowded! Killing is a two hour episode.

More from AMC: Mad Men returns with a two-hour on March 25th, The Walking Dead will have three more episodes than last year and Breaking Bad returns "sometime third quarter"... EW.com

Quentin Tarantino puts out a "Ten Best Movies of the Year"list, but this year we get 11 and a whole bunch of other new categories. Pretty soon QT will be giving out bronze statues of Steve Buscemi.... QT Archives

"You wanna know... how I got all these teeth...?"
That creepy bastard to the right was the original VISUAL inspiration for The Joker. As with anything else not tied down, they're remaking The Man Who Laughs..... BleedingCool

You remember Dark Shadows, right? No? It was a soap opera with vampires and such waaaay back. NBC tried to revive it in the 90's. Now Tim Burton and Johnny Depp are bringing it to theaters, just don't ask Burton to describe the tone.... BadAssDigest

Let's be honest, Okay? The mutants of Marvel's X-Men are genetically messed up. Some more than others. But we can be thankful there's a Zero Inbreeding Coefficient among them. Analysis by ..... WIRED

Screenwriter? Wannabe? "FilmCritHulk" is a internet persona used by a unknown pro Hollywood writer so he can blog freely. But he writes in Hulk Speech and in ALL CAPITALS. Look through that, the difference/annoyance of it passes, because his knowledge, advice and opinions on scriptwriting, movies and story are smart, well considered and generally spot on. Now he's dropped his long (and long time coming) manifesto on screenwriting just for you... BadAssDigest

Let's Compare! This new music video popped up on reddit.com and it's at first most interesting because it features the 5 member band Walk Off The Earth all "playing" the guitar at the same time. It's a cover of "Somebody that I used to know"  by Gotye. Which is another "new" song for us. We can't tell which version is better...

The cover....

...the original....

Or the parody:

Gotham By Gaslight - The Batman steampunkish video game that wasn't.... BleedingCool

If Dexter can have one and Hannibal Lecter can have one in development, well, why can't NORMAN BATES have a TV show where we find out what fucked up stuff happened to him as a kid? Who's next? Leatherface? Devin will tell you more about Mother's Baby Boy at... BadAssDigest


International TV is BOSS: Need Proof?

Video Exhibit A - Can. He. Go. All. The. Way?

Video Exhibit B - Face it, America, you ain't got this much talent:

This column just kicked your ass.

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