Meanwhile... 2/26/12

While you you were being all responsible and professional, I lost last weeks column due to, ahem, technical difficulties. Poof. Gone. So, mixed in with all of these Trailers, Vids and Links is some of what I can remember of it...

 JOHN CARTER 4min Sneak Peek! So, you know that sensation you've been getting from this John Carter movie?  It's something we call SWEOTPM SYNDROME. It's a scientific way of saying you have a type of Shell-Shock associated with things that remind you of Star Wars Episode One: The Phantom Menace. You're not alone, we all suffer. But the studio really, really wants us to give this a shot…

Piano Rape:


SuperFan and regular frequenter of our Daily Caption Contests, Al Michael, passed this along via our FB Wall and it seems logical to randomly place it right here:

You and your movie-loving friends all want to see Blade Runner (or Steel Magnolias for a big birthday tear fest, anything) on a big screen, but it's not playing near you. Unless you all get together, vote, then others join in and presto! Your own viewing party…. BadAssDigest

Costa Rica Recently opened it's FIRST Comic Book Store. Noticing a thriving comics scene and subculture interest, this dude just  cornered the market… BleedingCool

The RAZZIES have been announced. See the full list and see maybe how these anti-Oscars aren't so ballsy… BleedingCool

DETENTION: this is getting interesting buzz. Word is, the trailers are only scratching the surface of a meta-aware flick, that both skewers and praises all the movies that it borrows from. Really? Ok. We like that...

THE RAID: Redemption This Asian shoot-up reminds me of the super crack den housing project fortress in New jack City...

Be Aggressive. B - E- Agressive. We leave you with this gem by Brad Neely. Via BadAssDigest.

By Bill Sweeney

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