We broke the seal on our TimeLine. Oops.

By Bill Sweeney

...And nothing will ever be the same. Oh, wait. Yes it will.

"Timelines" for Facebook Pages have spilled into our reality. We had until the end of the month but we figured what the hell, do it now. What does this mean for you?  Now we can "Highlight" certain posts and that means the video players go full size when you watch them there.

Also, you can now message us directly to complain, recommend stuff or tell us secrets. So that's kind of cool.

If you didn't already know, our FB page is updated all day, every day and is actually 1000x cooler than this site. Most Pop News sites want you to go to them - we come to you via your feed/stream.

To make it seem like a semi-official, quasi-relaunch, we also churned up a new logo just for the page. So look for the Wicked Theory seal of cautionary coolness!

How's that grab you? Tought's? Opinions? Hit us up in the comments below!

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