Ep.73 Underneath 17 Gold Variants

This week things get off to an "interesting" start, but you'll hear all that right from the jump, but the cool stuff is what we cover in the section called MEANWHILE: a new podcast from a friend of the show, Agent's of Shield, ARQ, Magnificent 7 and Lethal Weapon: The TV Series.

Then we hit you with some news: Hulu gets Postal, Carpenter on TV, Class: The Doctor Who School For Gifted Timelords, Morrison goes Savage, Leto is Warhol, Todd still says he's making a movie, and …Hamdog?

Then it's for The Game That's Hard To Lose - Lightning Round!

Followed by EMaaaaiiillll! Scrappy Doo Vs Captain Ron, Weekends in the Valley, Play a Superhero on TV, Where's Clara, and that dang Metric System!

Thanks For Listening!

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