Ep 72 - Mumm-Ra Returns!

We bounce around in the opening section: leftover Swedish Fish Oreo's, chat room demands, Podtoberfest, Brother Dave gets a Patreon song, Then, in the Meanwhile section: WT invaded Gotham Lights Podcast and Ed covers Documentary Now!

24:34 NEWS - Star Trek pushed back, No StarWars TV, Stan Lee gets a movie, Lithgow as Joker, Cranston wants to be Sinister, Toxic Avenger and MORE!

53:00 - Ask Mumm-Ra! The Thundercats worst enemy returns to dole out some more advice to emailers!

1:03:27 - EMAIL - Silent Film Stars vs Warner characters, If Marvel bought Disney, Artificial Intelligence, Cross-country listening, Batman Day, and more!

Thanks For Listening!

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