The NSC* Report: Giorgio Boards The Mothership

By NotSoCrazy
"...then I gather the mousse and gel into a ball..."
The scientific community of non-scientists is aghast.
Self-proclaimed non-scientist Giorgio Tsoukalos is calling it quits after his latest discovery in the realm of broad sweeping generalizations.

His Theory of Absolute Distransivity, which states, “You can get from Point A to Point B by proving the non-existence of Point C”, was confirmed after a lifetime of research revealed undeniable confirmation. In the ground breaking experiment, Tsoukalos reveals that the lack of any solid proof of the existence of the Easter Bunny, beyond a shadow of doubt, confirms the existence of the Easter Beagle.

When asked where his Bachelor's degree in Sports Information Communications would take him next, Tsoukalos commented:
“You know, I don’t really know. I am thinking of focusing my talents on creating a revolutionary line of semi-permanent hair care products.”

*NSC may stand for NotSoCorrect, NotSoComedy, NotSoCurrent, NotSoClear or perhaps, NotSoCrunchy.


  1. Ancient Astronauts may be probing Giorgio's hairspray.

  2. I love this guy! Just a word a caution though, this is what happens when you try to cut your hair with the vacuum hair cutter.

    1. That would be a Flow-Bee, and I think he sucked a bit of his brain out when trying to use it.