Congratulations and welcome to the webternet! 
Let us hold your clammy hand!

The web is a vast and scary place. There's a lot of stuff out here and some of it can KILL YOU. Literally. With crazy ass LaserCats. So what you need is a friend, a guide - a Shepard... well, maybe more like a Mexican border "coyote", because Honey, we can only bring you so far.

Therefore, in an effort to keep you safe, we will not only bring you Fresh-From-The-Oven content we make ourselves, but we'll also show you the things you may have missed, over-looked, skipped, forgotten about or never even knew existed. We'll show you the places we go and the things we've found.

You will notice that we slant hard to the POP CULTURE and the GEEKTASTIC. We like cool stuff even if we can't understand why it's cool. And face it human, so do you.

When you're not looking, we add in the occasional review or two. Maybe a Big List once in a while. Perhaps a quasi-topical rant to keep it spicy.

Who are we, who give all this, unto you? Mere mortals, my friend. And hey, we know it ain't original but it keeps us from going on those homicidal rampages we were famous for back at the clinic.

Our FACEBOOK PAGE is updated regularly, sometimes DAILY, with the coolest of coolness: movie trailers, breaking newsieness, cray/random links and more!

Our PODCAST is an ongoing experiment attempting to entertain you, somewhat comically, while covering everything from nerd news, current comics, to terrible and/or terrific TV.

Our TUMBLR fits the same dorky description only with more Tumblrness and a bit of a focus on art.

Each has their own kinda thing going on, so check those out and we think you will find something you like.

Go ahead.

We'll wait....