DC TV Report for week ending 7/24/2021

 -        Li’l Eddie O’Hare

Welcome to the DC TV Report for the week ending Saturday July 24th, 2021. I'm here to bring you recaps, news and commentary for all live-action television shows based on DC Comics. There were 3 new episodes this week including 1 finale.

Sunday – 7/18/2021

DC's Legends of Tomorrow - S06E10 "Bad Blood" 1) Constantine roped in Spooner to join him on an excursion to find the Fountain of Imperium in Spain, 1939. 2) Lita was concerned Mick wasn't taking the news that he had alien eggs growing in his skull well. 3) The Legends found it hard to handle the growing Baby Gus. Last Minute Reveal: Constantine enchanted Spooner to lie about how he got his magic back and sold the painting of Aleister Crowley for more doses of the magical steroids potion!

Tuesday – 7/20/2021

The Flash - Season 7 Finale "Heart of the Matter Part 2" 1) August Heart warned Barry that his Godspeed clones would tear Central City apart unless Barry could find a way to imbue Heart with organic speed. 2) Bart was still unconscious and Nora was inclined to grant Godspeed's ultimatum. 3) Chester tried getting Allegra to look at the silver linings of her cousin's death. 4) Joe and Kramer were trapped by Godspeeds and Kramer suddenly had speed powers. Last Minute Reveal: After renewing their wedding vows, Barry and Iris kissed in Flash time so they could make the moment last as long as possible!

Superman and Lois - S01E13 "Fail Safe" 1) Tal Rho sat in his cell remembering how much of a jerk his dad was. 2) After Superman and John Henry Irons captured Leslie Lar, General Lane considered shuttering the 7734 program. 3) Lois and Chrissy disagreed over how to cover the Morgan Edge story in the paper. 4) Jonathan and Jordan each played hooky to hang with the ladies. 5) Lana and Kyle were having a rough time dealing with the reality that they had become social pariahs in Smallville. Last Minute Reveal: After busting out of his cell, Tal Rho pulled energy from the Sun!


Ed’s Winner for the Week:  Speedsters United - This past season of The Flash had its ups and downs but the 2-part finale was a strong finish. Barry's terrible leadership choices finally washed away and we were treated to a showdown between the army of Godspeeds and all of our Speed Force heroes. The Flash, the other Flash, XS, Impulse and even Iris suited up for a fight scene that will probably be as close as we will get to a crossover this season. It was not perfect but the fact that Reverse Flash (Tom Cavanagh) was pulled out of oblivion at the end gives me some hope that season 8 will have a more defined direction.



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DC TV Report for week ending 7/17/2021

 -        Li’l Eddie O’Hare


Welcome to the DC TV Report for the week ending Saturday July 17th, 2021. I'm here to bring you recaps, news and commentary for all live-action television shows based on DC Comics. There were 3 new episodes this week including one penultimate episode.

Sunday – 7/11/2021

DC's Legends of Tomorrow - S06E09 "This Is Gus" 1) It was Beyrad's birthday and the Legends dropped into 2023 Vancouver to track a cute pink alien that had crashed a taping of Beyrad's favorite sitcom. 2) Mick checked in with Lita and was shocked to learn she was preggers. Last Minute Reveal: Gary revealed that Mick is pregnant with Kayla's baby!

– 7/13/2021

The Flash – Season 7 Penultimate "Heart of the Matter, Part 1" 1) Barry got to meet his grown kids, Nora aka XS and Bart aka Impulse, and enlisted their help in stopping the Godspeed attacks. 2) Allegra's down attitude after her cousin's death caused her powers to go out of whack. 3) Joe felt weird after Kramer lied to the FBI about what they learned from Adam Creyke. Last Minute Reveal: After getting plugged into August Heart's brain, Barry was greeted by Godspeed Prime!

Superman and Lois
- S01E12 "Through the Valley of Death" 1) Clark writhed around Tal Rho's desert fortress trying to keep control of his body after being injected with the consciousness of General Zod. 2) John Henry Irons shared tech with General Lane and refused protests from Lois, insisting that killing Superman was the only option. 3) Jonathan encouraged Jordan to work at his super hearing and listen for Dad. 4) The Cushings took flack from the town for their early support of Morgan Edge. Last Minute Reveal: Morgan Edge sat in his Kryptonite-lined cell and heard a voice tell him to complete his mission!


Ed’s Winner for the Week:  Childhood Role Models - For his birthday on Legends, Beyrad got to meet and even give a pep talk to the sitcom star who inspired his lifestyle. The Flash learned his son Bart had a special connection with OG Flash Jay Garrick. Finally, John Henry Irons finally got it through his head why everyone has the utmost faith in Superman.



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Peacemaker Filming Comes to an End


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DC TV Report for week ending 7/3/2021

 -        Li’l Eddie O’Hare


Welcome to the DC TV Report for the week ending Saturday July 10th, 2021. I'm here to bring you recaps, news and commentary for all live-action television shows based on DC Comics. There was 1 new episode this week.

Tuesday - 7/6/2021

The Flash - S07E16 "P.O.W." 1) Barry was worried about Iris and tempted to run to the future to make sure Nora was still alive. 2) Team Flash was stumped over why the Godspeeds were carrying out a civil war all over Central City. 3) John Diggle arrived with some A.R.G.U.S. tech and Cecille noticed him suffering from sporadic migraines. 4) Allegra decided to pass on helping her cousin Ultraviolet pursue cold-blooded revenge against Black Hole. 5) Joe and Kristen Kramer hid out in the woods from a metahuman mercenary. Last Minute Reveal: Nora arrived from the future and brought along her brother Bart!


Ed’s Winner for the Week:  Vin Diesel Values - Once again, it was all about "Family" this week. Barry was overcome with the urge to run forward and check on Nora. Deon was compelled to protect his force mama, Iris. Diggle waxed rhapsodically about how he would drive a car through a building into another building and tow a safe halfway across South America to protect his wife and daughter (I mean he didn't use those exact words but the subtext could not be clearer.). Allegra is totally going to blame herself for Esperanza running blind and getting herself killed. Finally, Kristen Kramer had to face facts that her fellow soldier, Adam, was never the surrogate brother she thought him to be.



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DC TV Report for week ending 7/3/2021

 -        Li’l Eddie O’Hare


Welcome to the DC TV Report for the week ending Saturday July 3rd, 2021. I'm here to bring you recaps, news and commentary for all live-action television shows based on DC Comics. There were 3 new episodes this week including one finale.

Sunday - 6/27/2021

DC's Legends of Tomorrow - S06E08 "Stressed Western" 1) The Legends entered the rowdy Fist City, Oklahoma of 1891 and found a happy vice-free town run by a crooked sheriff who had control of a massive, gold-secreting alien space-worm. 2) Sara asked Ava not to mention the whole "alien-hybrid clone" thing to the rest of the group. 3) Spooner and Astra got on each other's nerves. 4) Zari called out Beyrad for his poor taste in women. 5) Constantine started nagging Gary for clues about the Fountain of Imperium. Last Minute Reveal: Ava told Nate and Beyrad they couldn't keep the Cowboy Narrator!

Batwoman - Season 2 Finale "Power" 1) Black Mask turned out the lights in Gotham after telling citizens to mask up and wreak havoc. 2) Ryan had no confidence in herself without the Batsuit and teamed up with Alice to confront Circe. 3) Mary encountered Tavaroff roided out on Venom and Snakebite. 4) Luke discovered his father had built him a personalized Batsuit. Last Minute Reveal: While the other bat trophies floated in the river, Poison Ivy's plant began to grow and spread!

Tuesday - 6/27/2021

The Flash - S07E15 "Enemy at the Gates" 1) Nora West-Allen appeared to Barry in a dream and convinced him that Iris was preggers. 2) A gaggle of Godspeeds starting causing trouble around Central City, trying to draw out Barry and leech his speed powers. 3) Allegra convinced Ultraviolet to allow Caitlin perform surgery to repair the damage done to her vocal cords. 4) Frost was caught off guard by Chillblaine's romantic interest in her. Last Minute Reveal: Joe and Kramer were on a stake out and their car exploded!


Ed’s Winner for the Week:  The Havarak - Legends delivered again this week, this time in the form of a hundred-foot-long alien worm that sweats gold. It was scary and crazy and just the sort of thing you would expect from the most fun DC TV show. I was especially impressed by the CG effects of the monster.



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DC TV Report for week ending 6/26/2021

 -        Li’l Eddie O’Hare


Welcome to the DC TV Report for the week ending Saturday June 26th, 2021. I'm here to bring you recaps, news and commentary for all live-action television shows based on DC Comics. There were 4 new episodes this week including 1 penultimate episode.

Sunday - 6/20/2021

DC's Legends of Tomorrow - S06E07 "Back to the Finale Part II" 1) Mick caught up with the cloned Sara to help her try to stop Bishop from creating an army of evil Super Saras. 2) The Legends followed Beyrad back in time and tried to help him prevent Sara from being abducted in the first place. Last Minute Reveal: Sara proposed, Ava said yes and a mannequin exploded into fireworks!

Batwoman - Season 2 Penultimate "Kane, Kate" 1) Everyone was so happy to have Kate back that they did not realize she was putting on an act and stealing Bat secrets for Roman Sionis. 2) Alice was inconsolable in the wake of Ocean's death. 3) Ryan was worried her time as Batwoman was over and dove head first into trying to prove Roman Sionis was Black Mask. Last Minute Reveal: Circe looked maniacally at the Batsuit as she scuffed it up with Kryptonite!

Tuesday - 6/22/2021

The Flash - S07E14 "Rayo de Luz" 1) While Barry took Iris on a baby-making vacation, Allegra pulled Team Flash into her crusade to reform her intensely evil cousin Ultraviolet. 2) Joe decided to confront Kristen Kramer with the evidence he found about her military career. Last Minute Reveal: Frost tracked down Chillblaine, hoping to drag him back to prison but was shocked to learn that he turned state's evidence to get an early release!

Superman and Lois - S01E11 "A Brief Reminiscence In-Between Cataclysmic Events" 1) Young Clark Kent created the Fortress of Solitude, learned his heritage and returned home before moving to Metropolis, saving people as Superman and falling in love with Lois Lane. 2) Clark realized he was in a simulation created so Tal-Rho could learn his history. 3) Kyle realized he'd been a real jerk and apologized to Lana and Lois. 4) Sarah decided she wanted to be more than friends with Jordan. Last Minute Reveal: As Lois called John Henry Irons for help, Zeta-Rho's torture seamed to turn Superman evil!


Ed’s Winner for the Week:  Back to Their Roots - All four shows saw characters looking back literally or figuratively on the moments that started their journey. The Legends went back the end of last season in a futile effort to prevent the current one. Batwoman found herself back in her van again, afraid that Kate had taken the mantle back from her. Team Flash saw Ultraviolet confront the madman who gave her her powers. Finally, we got to relive Superman and Lois's journey from the beginning until Clark realized it was not real.



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DC TV Report for week ending 6/19/2021

 -        Li’l Eddie O’Hare

Welcome to the DC TV Report for the week ending Saturday June 19th, 2021. I'm here to bring you recaps, news and commentary for all live-action television shows based on DC Comics. There were 4 new episodes this week.

Sunday - 6/13/2021

DC's Legends of Tomorrow - S06E06 "Bishop's Gambit" 1) Sara warmed up to Bishop, biding her time until she could figure out an escape plan. 2) Mick and Kayla arrived on the planet, hoping to kill Bishop and rescue Sara but ended up stranded after alien Amelia Earhart hijacked the Waverider. 3) Ava and the other Legends recovered Amelia and the Waverider from an upstate New York asylum in 1956 and Spooner felt wary about trying to extract info from the alien. Last Minute Reveal: Sara realized all of her scars were gone, uncovered a body and realized she was a clone!

Batwoman - S02E16 "Rebirth" 1) Luke went to an underground bar looking to confront Russel Tavaroff and bumped into John Diggle. 2) Ryan and Mary tracked a series of victims murdered by Whisper and discovered a connection to Circe Sionis. 3) Alice and Jacob abducted Circe and tried to convince her that she was really Kate Kane. Last Minute Reveal: Circe stabbed Roman in the hand as Safiyah offered to tell the truth and let her decide who she wants to be!

Tuesday - 6/15/2021

The Flash – S02E13 "Masquerade" 1) Barry and Cecille found themselves trapped in Cecille's subconscious by the Psycho Pirate. 2) The Pirate took over Cecille's body and tricked Chester and Team Flash into helping her steal the Psycho mask from a museum. Last Minute Reveal: Joe discovered Kristen Kramer was the sole survivor of an Army mission and may have been working for the other side!

Superman and Lois - S01E10 "O Mother, Where Art Thou?" 1) Morgan Edge revealed himself to be Superman's half-brother Tal Rho and intended to resurrect Krypton on Earth by eradicating the human population. 2) Jonathan and Jordan decided to tell Sarah the truth that her dad was acting weird because he had been subjected to Edge's process. Last Minute Reveal: In the wake of defeat, Tal-Rho met Leslie at a rock face with a cave opening!

Ed’s Winner for the Week:  Women posessed - All four shows featured female characters caught in a psychological battle with conflicting personas. Amelia Earhart (Jennifer Oleksiuk) was transformed into an alien monster on Legends. The former Batwoman Kate/Circe (Wallis Day) couldn't handle her swiss cheesed brain after Alice and Jacob kidnapped her. Cecille (Danielle Nicolet) on Flash had her body taken over by the Psycho Pirate. Finally on Superman and Lois, Lana (Emmanuelle Chriqui) volunteered to let Kal-El's mother Lara occupy her body temporarily.


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DC TV Report for week ending 6/12/2021

-        Li’l Eddie O’Hare

Welcome to the DC TV Report for the week ending Saturday June 12th, 2021. I'm here to bring you recaps, news and commentary for all live-action television shows based on DC Comics. There were 4 new episodes this week.

Sunday - 6/6/2021

DC's Legends of Tomorrow – S06E05 "The Satanist's Apprentice" 1) Astra was having a really hard time adjusting to life in the real world and turned to a painting of Aleister Crowley for a magical solution. 2) A megalomaniac trapped Sara and tried convincing her to help him kidnap and mutate all of humanity. Last Minute Reveal: Bishop congratulated Sara on surviving the simulation and told her they were inseparable!

Batwoman - S02E15 "Armed and Dangerous" 1) While lying unconscious in his hospital bed Luke had a vision of Bruce Wayne giving him the choice to survive or join his Dad in the afterlife. 2) Mary and Ryan raced to heal Luke and prove Agent Tavaroff and his Crow lackeys were framing Luke. 3) Alice was upset with Ocean for killing Evelyn Rhyme and found evidence that Roman Sionis had a curious obsession with the Kane family. Last Minute Reveal: Alice asked Jacob to help her rescue Kate from Black Mask!

Tuesday - 6/8/2021

The Flash – S07E12 "Good-Bye Vibrations" 1) Cisco and Kamilla announced that they were leaving Central City and were kind of bummed out that the team wasn't getting all sentimental and sappy. 2) Rainbow Raider 2.0 used her euphoria-inducing powers to rob a bank and try to play a dangerous game of Robin Hood. Last Minute Reveal: Cecille got home, heard a spooky voiceand saw that her reflection in the mirror was wearing a golden mask!

Superman and Lois - S01E09 "Loyal Subjekts" 1) Lois brought in Clark to help with her investigation into Morgan Edge and leaned on Lana to help uncover the "process" Edge was putting his new recruits through. 2) Superman had to ice bullet bruises after stopping a bank robbery and figured out that the Kryptonite gas he was exposed to at General Lane's facility was having lingering effects. 3) Jordan was excited to help Sarah at the talent show but had to bail after a Kryptonite virus he caught from his Dad made him start sneezing icicles. Last Minute Reveal: Morgan Edge revealed himself to be a true Kryptonian and called Superman his brother!

Ed’s Winner for the Week:  Disneyfied Legends - Sara Netzley would not forgive me if I did not recognize the segment on Legends of Tomorrow where Aleister Crowley transformed the House of Secrets into an animated musical in the style of Beauty and the Beast. Astra's inability to stop singing was only topped by seeing the other Legends as talking household objects. God, I love that crazy show.


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‘Sandman’ Netflix Series Drops Behind-the-Scenes Sneak Peek


Y: The Last Man Showrunner Eliza Clark Shares Apocalyptic Preview





DC TV Report for Sweet Tooth Season 1

 -        Li’l Eddie O’Hare


Welcome to the DC TV Report. I'm here to bring you recaps, news and commentary for season 1 of Sweet Tooth. There were 8 new episodes this week and I binged them as fast as I could.

Friday - 6/4/2021

Sweet Tooth - Series Premiere "Out of the Deep Woods" 1) At the same time a wretched virus made its way across the world and sent civilization back to the dark ages, human animal hybrid babies began being born. 2) A scared but resourceful Father escaped into the woods and raised his half-deer son Gus for nine years, completely removed from the crumbling world out there. Last Minute Reveal: Gus broke all of his Father's rules, and cried from a mountaintop, asking the Big Man to take him to Colorado!

Sweet Tooth - S01E02 "Sorry About All the Dead People" 1) Aimee waited out the world crisis in her therapy office for weeks before walking outside to live a comfortable life in an abandoned zoo. 2) The Big Man could not get rid of little Gus and the paired ended up turning to a family living in an old visitor center for food and a night's shelter. 3) Anditya Singh went to get meds for his wife and was given a tough assignment. Last Minute Reveal: Aimee found a yellow crate with a hybrid pig baby in it!

Sweet Tooth - S01E03 "Weird Deer S**t" 1) Bear stopped playing her VR game and led her gang of teenage rebels out of an amusement park to respond to an alarm. 2) The Big Man tried to disguise Gus so he could take him to an open market and put him on a train. 3) Dr. Singh struggled to hold to his principles as he took over the clinic and was scared to take Rani to a Survivor's Day party. Last Minute Reveal: Gen. Abbot ordered his troops to start packing and eyed a flyer for the Preserve!

Sweet Tooth - S01E04 "Secret Sauce" 1) Bear brought Gus to her arcade sanctum and became conflicted over whether she should execute Jep. 2) Aimee holed up in the zoo and did not respond to people's radio calls for help in an effort to protect Wendy from the Last Men. 3) Dr. Singh faced the hard truth that he needed to experiment on a hybrid as nosy Nancy came snooping around, suspicious that Rani was sick. Last Minute Reveal: After Nancy got kicked to death by a horse, Anditya and Rani dragged her body inside their house!

Sweet Tooth - S01E05 "What's in the Freezer?" 1) Gen. Abbot confronted Dr. Bell about giving up on her research. 2) Jep and Bear constantly bickered as they led Gus to the Valley of Sorrows. 3) Aimee tried to cheer up Wendy before learning that the Preserve had been discovered. 4) Anditya was nervous trying to hide Nancy's body from his neighbors. Last Minute Reveal: Last Men busted in and rescued Anditya and Rani from being burned alive and General Abbot complimented them on their home!

Sweet Tooth - S01E06 "Stranger Danger on a Train" 1) Gus, Jep and Bear hopped on a freight train headed for Colorado and discovered danger on board. 2) Anditya and Rani convinced Gen. Abbot to let them live and create the cure that Anditya had no idea how to create. 3) Aimee and Wendy had to pack up as Last Men closed in on the Preserve. Last Minute Reveal: Gus, Jep and Bear reached the outskirts of Essex County!

Sweet Tooth - Season 1 Penultimate "When Pubba Met Birdie" 1) 10 years ago, a janitor named Richard met a medical researcher named Birdie. 2) In the present, Gus, Jep and Bear finally reached the house they were looking for and learned the truth about where Gus came from. Last Minute Reveal: Feeling betrayed and confused, Gus stopped running with deer in the forest and fell to his knees!

Sweet Tooth - Season 1 Finale "Big Man" 1) 10 years ago, Jep pushed his pregnant wife past armed guards to get to the maternity ward at a hospital. 2) In the present, Jep left Bear behind at Judy's house to go after Gus in the woods. 3) Aimee was too late to stop Wendy and the Preserve kids from getting captured by the Last Men. 4) General Abbot turned the zoo into a research lab for Anditya and locked Rani away behind a one way mirror. Last Minute Reveal: In Alaska, Birdie ran inside and answered Bear's satellite phone call!

Ed’s Winner for the Season:  Timing - I read the first few volumes of the Sweet Tooth comic series several years ago. So I was familiar with this story. However, the timing of the premiere of this series makes the story feel exponentially more poignant and prescient. The allegory is a glowing example of the power of science fiction storytelling. Creators Jim Mickle and Beth Schwartz adapted Jeff Lemire's vision beautifully and delivered a series the world really needs right now.



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