MEANWHILE... (11/20/11)

You were out being cool, drinkin' in the woods with your friends or something, and these things happened:

• Details are a bit thin, but finally, the plan is in full swing for the return of ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT... on Netflix... huh? More at Ain'tItCool

• It's not just the people who work here, EVERYBODY wants to be President. Even the cartoonist behind DILBERT.

• DEXTER will kill for two more seasons... EW

• Choose your Snow. Light or dark?

• There's a storm brewin'... on Saturn. ...WIRED

• Scan this: Artist finds a smart runaround for a censorship problem at a showing.

• Shepard Fairey, creator of the “Hope” poster for Obama really Fawked it up:

• Here's the EXPENDABLES 2 poster. My skull hurts looking at it. Are they standing on a staircase and the house behind them just exploded? And... are you telling me that I have more grey hair than Chuck Fucking Norris? Bullshit. Shenanigans. This movie is officially unbelievable now.

• BadAssDigest Put us on to a slew of these odd, trippy, short films and Ad work by a pre-fame Jim Henson. They show us a bit of the, seldom seen, non-Muppet side of his early work. There's more of these on Youtube:

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