Meanwhile... (12/22/12)

While you were busy reading Ruthie's ALCATRAZ Recap, Lauren's Lana Del Rey video review, TangoMega's Rant on Final Fantasy XIII-2 ...or maybe you were just building a working Lee Enfield Sniper Rifle out of Legos, we found all this stuff:

It's KILL BILL in case you're in a hurry...

SKYRIM is not an airborne sexual act. It's a video game. Some people were wondering what it might look like if applied to today...

Shit Comic Book Nerds Say:

Turns out, the internet may be the greatest/easiest way to find out just how uninformed, ignorant and just plain stupid people really are. First it was when Osama Bin Laden died - and now, many people thought last Monday was MILK Day... BuzzFeed

So boooring. Nick Cannon and Howard Stern will be working together on America's Got Talent - so now they're friends... EW.com

The words in his book are Killer. Literaly. What if the thing that killed us wasn't a virus that creates zombies or a contagion that spreads simple death. What if language slowly started killing people? Ben Marcus' fiction has been raved about for not only being superb in execution but also for the fact that he is unflinching and incredibly original.... UnderWire

Detention Of The Dead. It's like The Breakfast Club... if the breakfast was HUMAN FLESH!!

MagaUplload/ MegaVideo got MegaShutDown.... WIRED

THE ARTIST is a silent, black and white movie about silent black and white movies. And it's also brand new. But if people in England don't even want to read, what's going to happen when it comes here.... BadAssDigest

Speaking of silence... Sometimes, it's all you really need.... The Quiet Place

Back when VIN DIESEL was just a Big Bad Bouncer, he played him some DUNGEONS And DRAGONS

In Last Weeks MEANWHILE, we did a bit about this song "Somebody that I used to know".  Well, here it is again this time by INGRID MICHAELSON and we like this take better than all those others...

From the "Coolest of all" Department:

Throw out that old version of RISK. The new one is infinitely cooler. RISK LEGACY changes how you play it next time. Yes, it's still a board game with dice. Yes it's still about taking over the world... but now, there are envelopes that are opened to add new elements to it- each time you play... so cool...BadAssDigest

Life-Size Star Wars Stormtrooper cake. What? You want more description?  No. Go look.... Oakleaf Cakes

We try not to re-post the content from our Facebook Page here on WT proper (we view them as siblings - not twins) but this girl needs your attention:

We saved this next one all week. And that was tough. You must watch this NSFW trailer for FDR AMERICAN BADASS. Must. Now.... Do it.

LASTLY: Ok, get some popcorn. In 2009 a massive project began on the internet and the other day it was finally completed and posted. STAR WARS Uncut: Director's Cut is like nothing you've seen before. Well, maybe. Thousands of people were given 15 seconds of Star Wars to re-shoot, recreate or remake any way they wished. All they had to do was stick to the story (more or less, it seems). Animation, toys, booze bottles, Infomercial Pitchman, kids, cats, crappy effects, awesome effects. Creativity is off the charts and The 15 second rule is great because it comes when you're least expecting it, often mid-sentence. It's insane, It's awesome and we love it. All two hours of it.

By Bill Sweeney

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