Meanwhile... (11/18/12)

While you were workin' on your dance  moves all these videos were discovered in a futuristic information matrix know only as the Meganet. THIS WEEK: Suburban Zombies, MC Jelly Donut, Maximus Thor, Gotham High, Shitty Snuggies, Whoopsie Doodles, AND MORE!!! Now go eat it up!!!

Suburban Zombies with Key and Peele.

MC Jelly Donut deserves more attention. Seriously. Here's a double serving of his sticky filling.

Gotham High, where all the cool kids go to learn about, y'know, stuff.

The irony. Jason Mecier makes a Honey Boo Boo portrait out of trash.

Whoopsie Doodles, y'know, for freshness.

The Sleepover:

Oh Snuggie, you suck.


History Lesson?

WAX: Toothbrush.

Youtube channel to watch: MAXIMUS THOR only has a Handful of videos but keep your eye out.

Thanks for eating all your veggies! Comeback next week when we'll have more nonsense for you to choke down. Check us out on Facebook!

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