MEANWHILE... (11/11/12)

While you were posing for paparazzi, I found all these videos hiding under your bed like the boogeyman.

THIS WEEK: Satan's Taint, Seal's Face, Tisha And Guns, Thanksgiving Is Ruined, Ms. Peachez, Evil Marshmallows, Pulp Bunnies, Crafty Otter and MORE!!!

This baby is gonna whoop yo ass!

Unnecessary Otter and Hazel:

Pulp Bunnies:

Marshmallow people are the softiest. And dangerous too!

Hot babe in a tub - yeahhhhhh... scrub up!

 Tisha Unarmed - is now armed!

OMG LIKE WTF - it's a torturous Thanksgiving song!

Ok class this is important stuff... eh, maybe not.

Johnny can read!

More Star Wars are coming and directors are chomping at the bit to get in line...


Uh.... ok.


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