Trailer Junkie 3/8/08

Admit it. You're a Junkie.
And withdrawal isn't fun; the shakes, the violent stomach spasms, the sweating. Lots and lots of sweating.

Well, we're the new dealer in town and Trailer Junkie is your new regular fix. For now on, you will be checking here every Saturday for a big fat, smokey hit of the weeks newest and most notable Movie Trailers. Only the coolest and badass-iest trailers will pop up during the week, so keep your eyes open....if you can.

This weeks fix:

My Blueberry Nights - What's going on here? Is this Vegas? Can the characters actually speak, or has all of Atlantic City gone mute? Lots of questions, few answers.

Righteous Kill - Starring; Pachino, De Niro, Gugino and Leguizamo.
Not; Bono, Yoko Ono, and the ghost of Sonny Bono.

Wanted - Based on a comic of the same name, this looks to be, if nothing else, a fun ride. A shame they took so many liberties with the source material, it was damn good as it was. Shame too, that any action in slow motion now comes off as ripping off the matrix. Curve the bullet, baby.
">Wanted Exclusive Trailer

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Meet Bill - Yes, it seems you should. See, Bill's having a rough go lately and now is a good time to see where that takes him.

Step Brothers - Farrell and Reilly team up. Again. Didn't see that comin' at all.... no, sir.....

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