If you're actually reading this on Christmas day you are either on our biggest fan or not worshiping at the alter tree of the almighty dollar for a spectacular reason all your own. Either way, you're here and this stuff is for you... like it or not...

Okay, first up, a new Christmas tinged Red Band Trailer for the exorcism flick, THE DEVIL INSIDE. Not for everybody. They seem to compensate for the forced "real footage" schtick and clunky dialog reads, by going for some twisted horror visuals. We can handle it, can you?  Via... TrailerAddict

Danny Trejo is the Epic Beard Man. And we don't mean Santa Claus. Trailer and the original viral video that inspired it are over at... BleedingCool

Hey, you know that fake snow you spray on your windows? Mostly fat.... WIRED

Let's wrap up our holiday coverage with a classic history lesson from THE BOONDOCKS (thanks Tango):

Like comics? Like logos? Like COMIC BOOK LOGOS? This designer knocks it out of the park... Rian Huges

THOR 2: Bummer Summer, has found a new director. Found him in Winterfell... DEADLINE

Louis C.K. is a celebrity that genuinely seems uncomfortable with his own status sometimes. So when he made about a million dollars in about ten days, he decided to give some back. He's the man.... BadAssDigest

....And what Louis C.K.'s new endeavor could/should mean to others.... WIRED

The first trailer for Ridley Scott's PROMETHEUS, hit the web. If you didn't see it, you're not checking our Facebook Wall often enough. If you want a breakdown of what may or not be a prequel to ALIEN go to.... BleedingCool

Remember the rather Un-Brilliant idea to reboot the BUFFY franchise without Joss Whedon or anything from the TV show and instead, focus on the original crappy movie that no one really liked? Well, luckily that whole project is floundering.... HeroComplex

The Dark Knight Rises has been teasing and misleading fans all year and now with the trailer finally out, it's time to analyze all that stuff..... BleedingCool

And everyone loves goofing on it...

BarelyPolitical has a few of their own, featuring BANE COOK:

But the behind the scenes might be better...

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