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While you were working on your graduate thesis, "Do different color M&M's taste different?", the world moved on without you and we found this stuff...

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Lawsuit Of The Walking Dead. Tony Moore drew the first six issues (plus 18 covers) of The Walking Dead comic book, y'know the one that's spawned a big hit TV show? Well, Tony claims he's not getting his fair share and was actually tricked into signing a bad deal early on in the project. Robert Kirkman, writer/creator of TWD, has since commented, refuting the claims, but now it's something Kirkman once said in jest(?) that puts a interesting spin on all this... Reuters

The Avengers Movie has been trying to keep the films' big bad alien race of antagonists a secret, trouble is, (as with most movies nowadays that have a lot of merchandising) the toy tie-ins start to give these things away. So this week manufacturers at TOYFAIR 2012 started showing there wares and one might have tipped off who the Marvel Comics aliens are. Some speculate that these toys could have been designed before story changes were made. Big SPOILER pic ahead... BadAssDigest

The Amazing Spider-Man Movie is on it's way too and has officially kicked of it's viral/ARG campaign and it includes item drops in the real world...BleedingCool

This just in from Outer Space:

George Lucas has the Star Wars geeks all a-frazzle again. Now he's saying that HAN SOLO DID NOT shoot first in the endlessly debated scene with Greedo. Whatever George. You tried to fix it and made it worse by tweaking it. You're making people not care. But hey, let's go to the video tape.... GeekDad

Speaking of the LucasVerse, was there a bit more to JAR JAR BINKS that might have made us hate him less, but was cut? Seems possible....EW.com

Perhaps there was another layer to Captain Kirk's KAHN-RAGE you hadn't considered and therefore Shatner may be a better actor than you think... BadAssDigest.


In this corner: OSOMBI (Don't ask - just watch.)

And in this corner: "THE FP" (again, just watch)

  • From the description of the following video: "My daughter thought it would be funny/rebellious/cool to post on her Facebook wall just how upset she was and how unfair her life here is; how we work her too hard with chores, never pay her for chores, and just in general make her life difficult."    
It's a "wait-for-it" type thing:

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