MEANWHILE... 4/22/12

Sundays are for more than just laundry! WE GOT: Floppy music, BULK, Ass Pennies, Rocket separation anxiety, Dice Alarm, Trespass at DC, and a bit more!

Oh, these Floppy drives are useless now! But we could program them to play themes from movies! 007! Death March! Eye of the tiger! (geekosystem.com)

Can't wait for the AVENGERS?  Well, you can watch The Amazing BULK right now! (BAD)

The actings a little stiff, butt maybe it's because of all those Ass Pennies… (reddit)

Via Matt Pop:
Ever wonder what it feels like to be a booster rocket? From launch to landing:

The upcoming Prometheus has cool effects, Aliens and you know, Themes.... thescifishow.com

Sam Jackson thinks he knows what a SHIELD  movie would be like....bleedingcool

There's a long term plan for Hannibal the TV series and I like it…insidetv.ew.com/

You don't work at DC Comics, but you can look around and pretend….buzzfeed.com

This would make a great car alarm….

Stay away from the hard stuff, okay kids?

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