MEANWHILE... 4/29/12

While you were trying to break a personal record on NyanWaits, this stuff magically materialized. This Week: The Pizza Hut Conspiracy, Area 407, Ego Planet, Bad Bat-Order, Barack got funky, This Is 40, MORE! Follow Me...

Happy Tree Friends are not new. I know that. But I thought we'd start with something bat shit crazy:

Area 407. What is it? What secrets are hidden buried lurking running around willy-nilly?

Wheel! Of!

Meet the homeless, wandering youth of America: Crustypunks

Fat Action Hero is a short I found on AintItCool.com's SATURDAY SHORTS - little films and animations that vary in tone and genre. It's good stuff.

BadAssDigest threw together a list of Six Songs Referencing Marvel Comics, here's one for Ego, The Living Planet. Go to BAD for the others including a nice Hulk ditty...

Be specific when ordering your Batman…

Barack. Slow Jam. Mic drop.

Hungry?  How about Pizza?... or Burgers? Both?

…Which is nothing new really

…But it makes you wonder how long before this becomes the reality:

This guy does an awesome Tech review…

Joffrey needs more then 10 minutes… but he might like it….

This Is 40
- The sort of sequel to Knocked Up… if you fast forwarded?

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