MEANWHILE.... 5/13/12

While you were trying to get bloodstains out of your clown costume in times for Mother's Day, WE trolled the web and found stuff; Jackassaroo, Consequences, Nintendoes, Bad Cell, Paper Towel mechanics, Robot Resistance and more! (Special thanks this week to Dangerous Dave, Jazzy Jas and as always, Reddit)
Let's go...
First, we'll need some intro music… wait. That's not right….

Now, wake up with a nice building drum roll…

Then start bouncing around like a true Jackass Kangaroo…

Now cut it out before JUDY yells at you for being a moron…

The Avengers had the biggest weekend opening ever (enough money to stuff the Moon)… and this was despite piracy? Is piracy really that dangerous? Kinda. See, it all come down to Quality…

Stop morphing
at me, creepy artwork!

22 murals
and street artworks you just gotta see…. 

Why Beatbox when you can have google do it for you? geekosystem

Can't choose
between Dominoes or Nintendo? Have both!

Real Life Consequences.
Yessss! I know it's four years old! But if it's new to me, Maybe it'll be new somebody else you ungrateful bastard! These guys took a crappy Masterful HALF LIFE fan Fiction and made an equally mind bending, semi-literal video for it. Amazing. And batty as fuck. And in three parts - to which I say watch pt.2 and pt.3 because if you think the motorcycle is cool wait till the montage.

The old Cell phone in the microwave trick…


…How to use a paper towel.
You're doing it wrong. Seriously folks, you only need one. As long as you don't Mind a little Carpal Tunnel Syndrome….

...Answer: SCOPOLAMINE! Question: What is the scariest drug in the world? "The Devil's Breath" will make you blackout while conscious and make you WILLINGLY do WHATEVER is asked of you. ANYTHING.  One man emptied his house for people, gave them all his stuff because they asked. This half hour doc will blow you mind a bit, as if you needed another reason to stay out of Colombia.

If this is how they teach English, I worry about the other classes…

How To Survive a Robo-revolution! A little obvious, but we feel this is the stuff they just don't talk about on the news, y'know?

We wrap up with something for yo' momma....

That's it this week, come back every Sunday for more nonsense and follow us on FB for Daily Doses of uselessness just like this! Class Dismissed!

By Bill Sweeney

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