While you were trying to figure out what INCEPTION would be like if it REALLY took place in a dream,  I found videos and stuff: KFC Makes A Statement, Buy a Mech Robot, 3 Wheels is not enough, Gordon Pukes, Russians and Explosives, Olympic Seating and MORE! Step this way...

The Redditors of r/photoshopbattles decided that the seats at the Olympics look kinda empty. They fixed that.

"KFC" would like you to know their stance on this whole Chic-Fo-Gay controversy…

Kill 'em with a smile. Not a Joke, order you own Kuratas today! Only at http://suidobashijuko.jp/

Step 1 in becoming Batman is building yourself a decent Bat-Pod Cycle…

Meanwhile, in Russia…

Meanwhile… in the backyard.

A lesson in Viral Videos from PBS:

Blame it on my A.D.D.

There's a Lambo in his mouth. (jump to 5:25)

What if 2001: A Space Odyssey was released today, what would a trailer look like:

Here's an awesome segment from BBC's Top Gear about the 3 wheeled Reliant Robin:

Trust fall.

Snake whiskey, Bulls Penis and Rotten Shark. Oh Gordon, the menu at your restaurant is to die for…

That's it. It's fucking bedtime!

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