DC TV Report for week ending 4/3/2021

 BY Li’lEddie O’Hare


Welcome to the DC TV Report for the week ending Saturday April 3rd, 2021. I'm here to bring you recaps, news and commentary for all live-action television shows based on DC Comics. There were 4 new episodes this week including 1 premiere.

Sunday 3/28/2021

BatwomanS02E09 "Rule #1" 1) The Gotham Police commissioner was shot dead in a drive by and the only witness was Sophie's SJW sister. 2) Ryan was contemplating forgiving Angelique and then it was revealed Angelique was involved in the assassination. 3) Alice wandered around the Cartwright farm chatting with a hallucination of young Kate. 4) Jacob tasked Julia with finding out exactly who was responsible for Kate's death. Last Minute Reveal: Black Mask brought in Enigma to help Kate forget herself!

PennyworthS02E08 "The Hangman's Noose" 1) Aziz and the Queen conceded to allow the Ravens to hold Lord Harwood's funeral in London and waited for Col. Salt to come to the table for "Peace" talks. 2) Alfred left Dave Boy and Mum at home while he tried to make nice with Gulliver Troy. 3) Martha told Thomas she's preggers and got upset when he wanted to get hitched! 4) Peggy and Bet kidnapped Salt's actress girlfriend. Last Minute Reveal: All of the Raven Union Council members voted to make Salt the new Chancellor, including Alfie's Dad, in a wheelchair on a respirator!


Tuesday 3/30/2021

The FlashS07E05 "Fear Me" 1) Psych projected fear hallucinations across Central City in an effort to sew financial chaos. 2) Frost was not in a hurry to be refused with Caitlin. 3) Iris did a background check on a suspicious state official new to Joe's precinct. Last Minute Reveal: While Barry healed in the cryo-pod, Speed Force Nora woke from her coma and told the team that Fuerza and Psych were just like her!

SupergirlSeason 6 Premiere "Rebirth" 1) Lex absorbed Leviathon's power and planned to kill Supergirl while his satellites would obliterate anyone not brainwashed to think he was the cat's pajamas. 2) All of the Tower heroes aired out their personal dramas as they prepped to mount a defense against Lex. 3) Andrea cried because she ruined her Daddy's company. Last Minute Reveal: Kara lay unconscious in the Phantom Zone surrounded by Nosferatu-looking creeps!


Ed's Winner for the Week: Hallucinations and Visions - This could be the winner of the season so far but this week all 4 episodes featured either ghostly visions or chemically induced hallucinations. The teenage ghost of Kate palled around with Alice on Batwoman. Bazza's ghost wandered the forest with Alfie on Pennyworth. On The Flash, Psych made all of Central City live out their worst fears and Nia dreamed about Lex finishing the Anti-Monitor's mission on Supergirl.



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