DC TV Report for Lucifer Season 5B

-        Li’l Eddie O’Hare


Welcome to the DC TV Report. I'm here to bring you recaps, news and commentary for the back half of season 5 of Lucifer. There were 8 new episodes this week and I binged them as fast as I could.

Friday - 5/28/2021

Lucifer - Midseason 5 Premiere "Family Dinner" 1) Dad decided to try and resolve all of Lucifer, Michael and Amenadiel's problems with each other over a family dinner. 2) Maze asked Dad for a soul. 3) Amy wanted to switch places with baby Charlie so his son could avoid a life of human suffering. 4) Dan and Ella were still in shock, coping with the revelations from season 5A. 5) Chloe and Lucifer investigated the incineration of an estranged brother on his family's mini-golf course. Last Minute Reveal: Lucy told Chloe he is incapable of loving her because he is his father's son!

Lucifer - S05E10 "Bloody Celestial Karaoke Jam" 1) Everyone felt compelled to burst into song and dance whenever Dad was around. 2) Chloe and Lucy had a hard road narrowing down the suspects in the poisoning of a high school football referee. 3) Dr. Linda was frustrated after learning Amenadiel was bummed out that Charlie was human. Last Minute Reveal: Dad confessed that he thinks he is losing his powers!

Lucifer - S05E11 "Resting Devil Face" 1) Dad made himself human to try and get closer with Lucifer. 2) Chloe and Lucy worked to solve the murder of a downtrodden boxing champ who overdosed on a designer drug. 3) Chloe was worried after Trixie lashed out at school. 4) Dan was all shook up that he was probably going to Hell for boning Dad's wife. Last Minute Reveal: Dad told Lucy and Amy it might be time to retire and vanished!

Lucifer - S05E12 "Daniel Espinoza: Naked and Afraid" 1) Lucifer was miffed that Dan was stuck in his own head and refused to trade insults. 2) Dan took a grunt assignment and wound up getting drawn into a drug war between a dirty ex-partner and the Russian mob. Last Minute Reveal: Dan thanked Lucy for the prank and Lucy admitted it was just payback!

Lucifer - S05E13 "A Little Harmless Stalking" 1) Dr. Linda injected herself into one of Chloe and Lucifer's cases after the daughter she gave up for adoption became the prime suspect. 2) Lucy and Chloe decided to throw caution to the wind and make a go at a relationship. 3) Eve showed up and begged Maze to tag along on her bounty hunting. 4) After Lucy suggested Amenadiel would be God's natural successor, Amy started to warm up to the idea. Last Minute Reveal: Lucifer changed his mind and decided he wanted to be God!

Lucifer - S05E14 "Nothing Lasts Forever" 1) Lucifer was distracted trying to figure out retirement plans for Dad in hopes to be named his successor. 2) Chloe and Lucy looked into the murder of an aquarium manager who may have been selling rare fish to high-end restaurants. 3) Maze became sick realizing her hellscape would be reliving her rejection of Eve for eternity. 4) Ella became depressed, believing she had an unhealthy obsession with murder. Last Minute Reveal: Gabriel brought MIchael Azrael's blade to help his hostile takeover!

Lucifer - Season 5 Penultimate "Is This Really How It's Going To End?!" 1) Chloe announced her retirement as Lucifer campaigned for his siblings to support him over Michael to replace God. 2) Chloe and Lucy's investigation into the murder of a wine connoisseur and thieving con man turned up some divine connections. 3) Dan tried setting Ella up on a blind date. Last Minute Reveal: In the wake of Dan's death, Lucifer became determined to go to war for the throne!

Lucifer - Season 5 Finale "A Chance At a Happy Ending" 1) Everyone took Dan's death hard and tried to live in the moment. 2) Everything culminated in a showdown between Lucy and Michael at the LA Coliseum for control of the Silver City. Last Minute Reveal: Everyone kneeled to Lucifer, who held the flaming sword and realized he was now the big man in charge!

Ed’s Winner for the Week:  Dan "Detective Douche" Espinoza (Kevin Alejandro) - Dan really got put through the ringer this season. He started out looking over his shoulder after realizing God was in town and knew Dan had slept with his wife. Then he found himself victim to Lucifer's hysterically expensive and elaborate practical joke. Finally, he ended up making the ultimate sacrifice and became the catalyst for the showdown that was originally intended to be the end of the series. Through it all he never lost his resolve or stopped being a consummate friend. It is hard to think of another character in any show I have covered over the past year who has better fit the definition of an MVP. Let's hope he is able to find peace in the afterlife. Season 6 will not be the same without him.


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