DC TV Report for week ending 7/3/2021

 -        Li’l Eddie O’Hare


Welcome to the DC TV Report for the week ending Saturday July 3rd, 2021. I'm here to bring you recaps, news and commentary for all live-action television shows based on DC Comics. There were 3 new episodes this week including one finale.

Sunday - 6/27/2021

DC's Legends of Tomorrow - S06E08 "Stressed Western" 1) The Legends entered the rowdy Fist City, Oklahoma of 1891 and found a happy vice-free town run by a crooked sheriff who had control of a massive, gold-secreting alien space-worm. 2) Sara asked Ava not to mention the whole "alien-hybrid clone" thing to the rest of the group. 3) Spooner and Astra got on each other's nerves. 4) Zari called out Beyrad for his poor taste in women. 5) Constantine started nagging Gary for clues about the Fountain of Imperium. Last Minute Reveal: Ava told Nate and Beyrad they couldn't keep the Cowboy Narrator!

Batwoman - Season 2 Finale "Power" 1) Black Mask turned out the lights in Gotham after telling citizens to mask up and wreak havoc. 2) Ryan had no confidence in herself without the Batsuit and teamed up with Alice to confront Circe. 3) Mary encountered Tavaroff roided out on Venom and Snakebite. 4) Luke discovered his father had built him a personalized Batsuit. Last Minute Reveal: While the other bat trophies floated in the river, Poison Ivy's plant began to grow and spread!

Tuesday - 6/27/2021

The Flash - S07E15 "Enemy at the Gates" 1) Nora West-Allen appeared to Barry in a dream and convinced him that Iris was preggers. 2) A gaggle of Godspeeds starting causing trouble around Central City, trying to draw out Barry and leech his speed powers. 3) Allegra convinced Ultraviolet to allow Caitlin perform surgery to repair the damage done to her vocal cords. 4) Frost was caught off guard by Chillblaine's romantic interest in her. Last Minute Reveal: Joe and Kramer were on a stake out and their car exploded!


Ed’s Winner for the Week:  The Havarak - Legends delivered again this week, this time in the form of a hundred-foot-long alien worm that sweats gold. It was scary and crazy and just the sort of thing you would expect from the most fun DC TV show. I was especially impressed by the CG effects of the monster.



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