DC TV Report for week ending 11/6/2021

 -        Li’l Eddie O’Hare

Welcome to the DC TV Report for the week ending Saturday November 6th, 2021. I'm here to bring you recaps, news and commentary for all live-action television shows based on DC Comics. There were 6 new episodes this week, including 2 penultimate episodes and 2 finales.

Monday - 11/1/2021

Y: The Last Man - Series Finale "Victoria" 1) Some time before the Day of, the Brown family had an awkward last dinner together. 2) 355 was anxious to leave the prison town as Yorick began to fall for Sonia. 3) Nora and Roxanne prepared to invade the prison town and kill the man they were hiding. 4) Jennifer and Beth hid out after escaping the Pentagon and accused each other of being short-sighted. Last Minute Reveal: 355, Yorick and Allison jumped into an SUV provided by the Culper Ring and drove toward a Y-shaped intersection!

Tuesday - 11/2/2021

DC's Stargirl - Season 2 Finale "Summer School Chapter Thirteen" 1) Courtney and the JSA headed to town square for a final showdown with Eclipso. 2) Jenny was warning Barbara that Courtney was heading into a trap when a special guest star showed up. 3) Beth stood helpless with Chuck as she watched her parents stuck in one of Eclipso's nightmares. 4) Rick, Mike and Jakeem tried tinkering in Pat's garage, anxious to join the fight. Last Minute Reveal: Nurse Love reported on Jenny and the JSA to Mr. Bones, who decided to make a trip to Blue Valley!

Supergirl - Season 6 Penultimate "Truth or Consequences" 1) William becaame furious with Andrea after she used his byline to leak Lex Luthor's love journals 2) Nxly slowly began to trust Lex after he helped her beat Supergirl to the Truth totem. 3) Alex clashed with Kara over advice on parenting Esme. 4) Brainy was crushed to learn he would soon have to return to the future and leave Nia behind. Last Minute Reveal: Our heroes returned to the Tower to find William dead and Esme gone!

Wednesday - 11/3/2021

DC's Legends of Tomorrow - S07E04 "Speakeasy Does It" 1) The Legends ran out of money in Chicago and hid out from J. Edgar Hoover in a progressive speakeasy. 2) Astra, Spooner and Gideon snuck onto a train and befriended a nightclub singer. Last Minute Reveal: Zari swapped out with totem Zari so she could crack open robot Hoover!

Batwoman - S03E04 "Antifreeze" 1) Team Batwoman had to find a way to safely thaw Sophie's sister Jordan, who had been flash-frozen using altered Mr. Freeze tech. 2) Ryan drew corporate wrath from Jada after a photo-op. 3) Alice played hooky from Arkham after realizing she was having hallucinations. 4) Tensions and ignorance continued to drive a wedge between Mary and Luke. Last Minute Reveal: Jada determined that the first victim of the Back Glove Society's new freeze gun would be her son Marquis!

Thursday - 11/4/2021

Doom Patrol - Season 3 Penultimate "Evil Patrol" 1) Rita had a rough time getting the team to focus on defeating Madame Rouge, who had flown to Florida for backup. 2) Larry decided to try and parent the alien grub worm, which was not reacting well to all the negative emotions around the mansion. 3) Vic was the only one happy about his new skin. 4) Clara brought Cliff his Parkinson's meds and insisted he see a real doctor. 5) Jane was frightened to find all of Kay's personalities had left the Underground. Last Minute Reveal: The Doom Patrol's bus crashed down to the pavement after being rocked by Jane's sonic scream!

Ed’s Winner for the Week:  The Batwing Suit Failsafe - Luke got the AI with his dad’s voice working again on the Batwing suit and was told that he is not ready to take it into the field with Batwoman. He is still dealing with the trauma of getting shot and it is brave of this series to admit that being a superhero is not for everybody. Luke's tech skills still make him invaluable to team Batwoman and while I am sure this is not the last we have seen of Luke in that suit, this excursion into his mental health feels authentic and unique.


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