DC TV Report for week ending 5/15/2021

- Li’l Eddie O’Hare

Welcome to the DC TV Report for the week ending Saturday May 15th, 2020. I'm here to bring you recaps, news and commentary for all live-action television shows based on DC Comics. There were 5 new episodes this week including 1 finale. 

Sunday - 5/9/2021

DC's Legends of TomorrowS06E02 "Meat: The Legends" 1) Ava and the Legends landed in 1955 San Bernadino hoping to prevent an alien massacre that began at a burger joint. 2) Beyrad was put off when Zari suggested they start sharing his totem. 3) Sarah and Gary crash landed and followed a dog to Amelia Earhart. Last Minute Reveal: After limping away from imposter Amelia's hut, Gary and Sarah saw lights in the distance coming towards them!

Batwoman - S02E13 "I'll Give You a Clue" 1) Ryan was miffed when she got home to find Mary drinking tequila with Sophie. 2) The Cluemaster Arthur Brown broke out of prison, trapped his daughter in a glass box and began leaving dangerous clues for Sophie. 3) Black Mask tortured Alice to try and learn Batwoman's secret identity. 4) Jacob got really high on Snakebite. Last Minute Reveal: While sewing a new face onto Circe Sionis, Alice realized the woman in front of her was really her sister!

Monday - 5/10/2021

Black Lightning - S04E11 "The Book of Reunification Chapter Two: Trial and Errors" 1) JJ drew attention from Tobias after she hit one of his meta-gene shipments. 2) Gambi felt compelled to ask Lauren Caruso for help finding out how Tobias took away everyone's powers. 3) Jefferson and Khalil figured out Looker had been hired to frame Jefferson and Lynn. Last Minute Reveal: Tobias called Ishmael and ordered a hit on Khalil!

Tuesday - 5/11/2021

The Flash - S07E09 "Timeless" 1) Barry became convinced that Speed Force Nora was beyond saving and determined to go back in time and prevent the other elemental forces from being created. 2) Iris hard-disagreed with Barry and worked with Kamilla and Allegra to try and track down Nora to reason with her. 3) Cisco felt torn over who he should side with. Last Minute Reveal: Still Force Deon met Nora, who claimed she was his reckoning!

Supergirl - Midseason 6 Finale "Fear Knot" 1) Zor-El tried to keep positive after Kara was scratched by a Phantom Zone Phantom and lost all hope. 2) J'onn and the Tower heroes converted the Tower into a spaceship and headed into the Phantom Zone to resuce Kara but the Phantom on board gave everyone visions of their worst nightmares. Last Minute Reveal: The Tower ship headed home with Kara and Zor-El safely on board and Princess Nxy clinging to the hull!


Ed’s Winner for the Week:  Stephanie Brown (Morgan Kohan) - This is the first time this season that a lesser known but really cool comics character has made their debut in an Arrowverse show. She is about 10 years older here than in the books but her origin was portrayed very faithfully. I can't wait to see if she and Luke become an item and whether or not we will see her in costume as Spoiler before the end of this season.



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