DC TV Report for week ending 5/8/2021

 - Li’l Eddie O’Hare

Welcome to the DC TV Report for the week ending Saturday May 8th, 2021. I'm here to bring you recaps, news and commentary for all live-action television shows based on DC Comics. There were 5 new episodes this week, including 1 premiere. 

Sunday - 5/2/2021

DC's Legends of TomorrowSeason 6 Premiere "Ground Control to Sara Lance" 1) Sara woke up on a space ship after being abducted by aliens, one of which was Gary. 2) Ava barely held it together as she took command and scrambled to find a way to locate Sara. 3) Astrid tagged along with the lovey-dovey Zari and Constantine to the House of Secrets to see if they could magic a solution. Last Minute Reveal: Gary was unable to pilot the alien ship into the wormhole before it closed, trapping him and Sara in deep space!

Batwoman - S02E12 "Initiate Self-Destruct" 1) Enigma finished hypnotizing Kate into believing she was Black Mask Roman Sionis's daughter Circe. 2) Ryan teamed up with Alice to rescue Angelique and Ocean from the False Faces. 3) Sophie tried pulling strings to prevent the Crows from discovering Batwoman's identity using DNA. 4) Jacob was still addicted to Snakebite. Last Minute Reveal: Black Mask decided not to kill the captured Alice and Circe knocked out her sister with the butt of a gun!

Monday - 5/3/2021

Black Lightning - S04E10 "The Book of Reunification Chapter One: Revelations" 1) The Pierce family was reeling from losing their powers from Tobias's nullifier and Gambi could not figure out what happened. 2) Lynn was facing heavy civil rights charges for her labwork and Jefferson started acting weird after learning Lynn's ex-boyfriend became he defense attorney. 3) Anissa recovered a drive from dead Darius with clues about Tobias's scheme to harvest meta genes. 4) Khalil/Painkiller broke into an office to steal a drive with info on Tobias's payroll. Last Minute Reveal: TC talked JJ down from the Ionosphere with her power restored!

Tuesday - 5/4/2021

The Flash - S07E08 "The People V. Killer Frost" 1) Team Flash was shocked to learn Kristen Kramer was pushing for the judge to sentence Frost to take the metahuman cure against her will. 2) Barry and Speed Force Nora identified a healthcare worker who may be the Strength Force and disagreed over how to approach her. Last Minute Reveal: Nora used a lightning ball to murder Alexa in front of Barry and Iris!

Supergirl - S06E06 "Prom Again!" 1) In 2009 Midvale, young Kara was happy to rescue Nia and Brainy from Naxim Tork and enjoy prom night with Kenny. 2) Best laid plans were ruined when Cat Grant freed Tork, who showed up to ruin Brainy and Nia's mission and spoil the timeline. Last Minute Reveal: After completing their mission and learning the lesson of high school, Brainy and Nia headed home to the present!

Ed’s Winner for the Week:  Gary Green (Adam Tsekhman) - Only Legends could pull a long game like this. Only on that show could the geeky, gay time agent with a magical severed nipple and a fairy godmother turn out to be the alien invader with a heart of gold.


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