DC TV Report for Sweet Tooth Season 1

 -        Li’l Eddie O’Hare


Welcome to the DC TV Report. I'm here to bring you recaps, news and commentary for season 1 of Sweet Tooth. There were 8 new episodes this week and I binged them as fast as I could.

Friday - 6/4/2021

Sweet Tooth - Series Premiere "Out of the Deep Woods" 1) At the same time a wretched virus made its way across the world and sent civilization back to the dark ages, human animal hybrid babies began being born. 2) A scared but resourceful Father escaped into the woods and raised his half-deer son Gus for nine years, completely removed from the crumbling world out there. Last Minute Reveal: Gus broke all of his Father's rules, and cried from a mountaintop, asking the Big Man to take him to Colorado!

Sweet Tooth - S01E02 "Sorry About All the Dead People" 1) Aimee waited out the world crisis in her therapy office for weeks before walking outside to live a comfortable life in an abandoned zoo. 2) The Big Man could not get rid of little Gus and the paired ended up turning to a family living in an old visitor center for food and a night's shelter. 3) Anditya Singh went to get meds for his wife and was given a tough assignment. Last Minute Reveal: Aimee found a yellow crate with a hybrid pig baby in it!

Sweet Tooth - S01E03 "Weird Deer S**t" 1) Bear stopped playing her VR game and led her gang of teenage rebels out of an amusement park to respond to an alarm. 2) The Big Man tried to disguise Gus so he could take him to an open market and put him on a train. 3) Dr. Singh struggled to hold to his principles as he took over the clinic and was scared to take Rani to a Survivor's Day party. Last Minute Reveal: Gen. Abbot ordered his troops to start packing and eyed a flyer for the Preserve!

Sweet Tooth - S01E04 "Secret Sauce" 1) Bear brought Gus to her arcade sanctum and became conflicted over whether she should execute Jep. 2) Aimee holed up in the zoo and did not respond to people's radio calls for help in an effort to protect Wendy from the Last Men. 3) Dr. Singh faced the hard truth that he needed to experiment on a hybrid as nosy Nancy came snooping around, suspicious that Rani was sick. Last Minute Reveal: After Nancy got kicked to death by a horse, Anditya and Rani dragged her body inside their house!

Sweet Tooth - S01E05 "What's in the Freezer?" 1) Gen. Abbot confronted Dr. Bell about giving up on her research. 2) Jep and Bear constantly bickered as they led Gus to the Valley of Sorrows. 3) Aimee tried to cheer up Wendy before learning that the Preserve had been discovered. 4) Anditya was nervous trying to hide Nancy's body from his neighbors. Last Minute Reveal: Last Men busted in and rescued Anditya and Rani from being burned alive and General Abbot complimented them on their home!

Sweet Tooth - S01E06 "Stranger Danger on a Train" 1) Gus, Jep and Bear hopped on a freight train headed for Colorado and discovered danger on board. 2) Anditya and Rani convinced Gen. Abbot to let them live and create the cure that Anditya had no idea how to create. 3) Aimee and Wendy had to pack up as Last Men closed in on the Preserve. Last Minute Reveal: Gus, Jep and Bear reached the outskirts of Essex County!

Sweet Tooth - Season 1 Penultimate "When Pubba Met Birdie" 1) 10 years ago, a janitor named Richard met a medical researcher named Birdie. 2) In the present, Gus, Jep and Bear finally reached the house they were looking for and learned the truth about where Gus came from. Last Minute Reveal: Feeling betrayed and confused, Gus stopped running with deer in the forest and fell to his knees!

Sweet Tooth - Season 1 Finale "Big Man" 1) 10 years ago, Jep pushed his pregnant wife past armed guards to get to the maternity ward at a hospital. 2) In the present, Jep left Bear behind at Judy's house to go after Gus in the woods. 3) Aimee was too late to stop Wendy and the Preserve kids from getting captured by the Last Men. 4) General Abbot turned the zoo into a research lab for Anditya and locked Rani away behind a one way mirror. Last Minute Reveal: In Alaska, Birdie ran inside and answered Bear's satellite phone call!

Ed’s Winner for the Season:  Timing - I read the first few volumes of the Sweet Tooth comic series several years ago. So I was familiar with this story. However, the timing of the premiere of this series makes the story feel exponentially more poignant and prescient. The allegory is a glowing example of the power of science fiction storytelling. Creators Jim Mickle and Beth Schwartz adapted Jeff Lemire's vision beautifully and delivered a series the world really needs right now.



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