DC TV Report for week ending 8/14/2021

 -        Li’l Eddie O’Hare 

Welcome to the DC TV Report for the week ending Saturday August 14th, 2021. I'm here to bring you recaps, news and commentary for all live-action television shows based on DC Comics. There were 6 new episodes this week including 2 premieres and a penultimate episode.

Sunday – 8/8/2021

DC's Legends of Tomorrow - S06E11 "The Final Frame" 1) Sara, Mick, Spooner and Astra found a shiny puzzle box, got transported to a bowling alley in space and were forced to roll against the Pin Killers for the fate of the Earth. 2) Beyrad was not picking up any of the signs that Constantine was roiding out on magic juice. 3) Nate's camping date with Totem Zari was being spoiled by a couple of rich yuppies. 4) Ava asked Gary to help her pick out a wedding dress. Last Minute Reveal: Grateful to have control of his lanes back, Buddy took a group polaroid of the Legends!

Tuesday – 8/10/2021

DC's Stargirl - Season 2 Premiere "Summer School Chapter One" 1) Decades ago, little Rebecca McNider was seduced and then attacked by a creepy boy weilding a purple gem. 2) In the present, Pat's plans for a family road trip were spoiled after Courtney failed two classes and had to go to summer school. 3) Beth was bummed out that she was having trouble rebooting Chuck's consciousness in her goggles and that her parents were getting divorced. 4) Rick discovered signs that Grundy was hiding out in the woods. 5) Yolanda was disturbed that she was still hearing echoes of Brainwave. 6) The Green Lantern's Lantern began flashing. Last Minute Reveal: Cindy Burman looked at photos of kids related to the Injustice Society, including Mike, and the purple gem said it was ready to serve her!

Superman and Lois - Season 1 Penultimate "The Eradicator" 1) Tal-Rho charged himself up with sunlight and flew to Metropolis with the powers of the Eradicator. 2) Lois convinced her father to speak at a town hall and try to be honest with the people of Smallville. 3) Lana and Kyle went back and forth with their decision to move away. 4) Jordan and Jonathan each tried getting their minds off recent events. Last Minute Reveal: Tal-Rho finished eradicating Jordan with Zeta-Rho's consciousness!

Thursday – 8/12/2021

Titans - Season 3 Premiere "Barbara Gordon" 1) After Jason Todd was murdered, Dick returned to Gotham and was concerned about how Bruce was handling the loss. 2) After the Titans foiled a Gizmo robbery, Gar was a little jealous that he did not have the same following as Conner and Kory. 3) Kory landed a date with some guy named Justin. 4) Young Tim Drake skirted curfew delivering dumplings and idolizing Batman and Robin. Last Minute Reveal: Dick was woken up by an upset Bruce who claimed he had killed the Joker and offered Dick the city!

Titans - S03E02 "Red Hood" 1) Dick brought the Titans to Gotham to help Barbara track a new criminal calling himself Red Hood, who was taking over the underworld and forcing ordinary citizens to commit violent crimes. 2) Hank got antsy living the campus bicycle cop life and decided to follow Dawn to Gotham. 3) Kory's blackout visions persisted. Last Minute Reveal: Dick was so shocked to learn Jason Todd was the Red Hood that he let him get away!

Titans - S03E03 "Hank & Dove" 1) Dick confirmed Jason was still alive and scrambled to find him. 2) Hank was lured into a trap by Jason and left with a bomb hooked up to his heartbeat. 3) Conner and Gar were each having their own existential crisis thinking about Dick's leadership. Last Minute Reveal: Dick held the crying Dawn in his arms after she was tricked by Jason into detonating the bomb and killing Hank!

Ed’s Winner for the Week:  Jason Todd's death and resurrection - The murder of Robin and rise of the Red Hood are two comic book storylines I have always enjoyed but never thought I would see told in live-action. While they are being compressed and told back-to-back instead of years apart, their impact remains intact. I only wish we could see more of Batman dealing with it instead of Nightwing. Then again, the show is called Titans.


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